We – for you

One of the Leister Group's fundamental objectives is to ensure that its innovative products improve people's quality of life and allow long-term changes to be made.

Leister products and services are there to support you 24 hours a day, just as they've been doing for decades around the world.

All around the world, people use infrastructures and products that were either manufactured by Leister machinery and equipment, or that contain Leister or Axetris components. This means we are always by your side to offer our expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment. 

We know how

With our cutting-edge technology; high rate of innovation; extensive process expertise; unmatched stability and reliability (not to mention our decades of experience); we work with our qualified employees toward achieving the highest possible product quality. These standards are the benchmarks for which all product lines that carry our brands, LEISTER, AXETRIS and WELDY, strive to meet. Our innumerable patents and registered designs highlight our development ability and strength in innovation.

We are local – worldwide

Our geographical presence in around 130 countries is continually expanding thanks to the creation of additional sales and service centers to help us better support our customers. Our customer focus and comprehensive range of services allows us to ensure that all Leister technologies and competencies are constantly available around the world.

We are leader – in markets and applications

For over 60 years, the LEISTER brand has been the global market leader when it comes to devices for welding thermoplastic polymers and hot-air modules for industrial process heat applications. Under the AXETRIS brand name, we focus on leadership both in applications and niche products within the gas sensor and micro-optics business sectors.
Markets and applications

Our company values – foundation for partnerships

Our corporate culture has been firmly established throughout the world over a number of decades and focuses on long-standing, binding values The commitment, enthusiasm, and expertise of our employees creates trust, which forms the basis of long-term partnerships and the foundations of our success.
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Leister Plastic Welding
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