Logo Leister

For over 60 years, Leister Technologies AG has been the global market leader in the field of electronic devices for welding thermoplastic polymers. We offer hot-air modules, blowers, and hot-air blowers that can be installed in machines for industrial process heat applications. Similarly, our product line of laser systems for welding plastics has been on the market since 1998. All products and components are developed and manufactured in Switzerland. These are generally sold under the LEISTER brand name, which has established a global reputation over the decades for our following core competencies:

Quality – Innovation – Technology – Service

Logo Axetris

Axetris AG first started developing and producing micro-technical components in 1998 and has continued to establish and develop its expertise ever since. The company is based in Switzerland and has its own infrastructures and cleanrooms. Its product range includes gas sensor modules and systems as well as micro-optic components which it sells to OEM customers around the world under the AXETRIS brand name. The AXETRIS brand message is as follows:

Competence and technology for value-added products and reliable partnership

Logo Weldy

Weldy AG
was founded in 2013 and markets hot-air blowers for DIY and private label customers as well as functional plastic welding devices for emerging markets. 

Since 2004, Leister Technologies Ltd. in Shanghai have been developing and producing Weldy products in line with Leister's quality and functionality standards. The WELDY brand distinguishes itself from the functional products in the Leister premium range with the following brand strategy: 

simple – good – affordable