Company Portrait

A brief profile

  • Founded
  • 1949 as a sole proprietorship
  • Legal structure
  • Group structure with 12 companies in 9 countries (Switzerland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands/Belgium, USA, China, India, and Japan)

  • 100% privately owned
  • Headquarters
  • Leister AG, Kägiswil/OW, Switzerland
  • The Leister Group's holding company

  • President of the Board: Christiane Leister
  • Group CEO: Beat Mettler
  • Employees
  • 740 worldwide, 500 of these in Switzerland
  • 20 apprentices
  • export share
  • Sales and marketing organization                        
  • 98%
  • Sales and service centers in around 130 countries

Business units

Logo Leister
Plastic Welding
Global market leaders for over 60 years when it comes to devices for welding thermoplastic polymers in construction, commercial, and industrial environments.

Process Heat
Global market leaders since 1967 for hot-air modules and blowers, as well as hot-air blowers for industrial process heat applications.

Laser Plastic Welding
Manufacturing plastic welding laser systems since 1998.

Sites: Sarnen and Kägiswil, OW, Switzerland

Logo Axetris
Manufacturing gas sensor modules and systems as well as micro-optic components since 1998, leaders in applications and niche products

Sites: Kägiswil, OW, Switzerland

Logo Weldy
Hot-air blowers for DIY and private label customers, functional plastic welding devices for emerging markets

Sites: Development & Production: Shanghai, China / Marketing & Sales: Kägiswil, OW, Switzerland

We are local – worldwide

Leister Distribution Network worldwide
  • A global market presence with Leister companies and sales partners
  • Sales and service centers in around 130 countries

We know how

  • More than 60 years' experience in developing and producing high-quality, technologically sophisticated products
  • Industry-wide quality leaders meeting the highest requirements
  • Global process management supports global Leister standards
  • Traditionally high rate of innovation and technology leadership
  • Extensive experience and broad expertise in technology and its applications
  • A long-standing global market presence for sales and service
  • An innovative, well-established corporate culture


Leister AG
Galileo-Strasse 10
CH-6056 Kaegiswil / Switzerland


+41 41 662 74 74
+41 41 662 74 16