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For decades, our highly-qualified and dedicated employees have been delivering outstanding results and customer satisfaction thanks to their enthusiasm and understanding of the company and its products. The trust of our customers and business partners relies heavily on the integrity of our employees, our behavior, and our values. All Leister companies live and breathe our corporate culture, which provides a solid and effective foundation for successful, long-term customer relationships and partnerships.

Leister - an attractive employer

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Regardless of their level within the company, all of our employees truly value our continued commitment to our traditional yet innovative corporate culture, which allows us to reach the peak of our technological performance and produce high-quality products. Leister systematically encourages the development of skills and expertise through training and further education opportunities as well as in-house knowledge transfer on a national and international scale.
Together we are strong – this philosophy inspires our highly-motivated employees to work as part of a team with a strong sense of community and the fundamental desire to be the best. This means that our customers – both today and in the future – can count on high-quality services and benefit from our attractive position as a successful global employer.


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