Leister's environmental commitments

Leister Social Responsibility
Production Sarnen, Leister Eviroment Solarwall
The preservation of a livable environment is important to us. We therefore encourage the use of sustainable, environmentally friendly energy concepts.

All Leister buildings at our Obwalden site in Switzerland are supplied by renewable energy sources.

We even had an environmentally-friendly heating system installed at our Leister Technologies AG site in Sarnen as early as 1998 – a ground water heat pump for both heating and cooling purposes. In the winter months, we supplement our heating supply with a 1,382 m2 solar wall on the high bay warehouse, which feeds heated outdoor air into the ventilation system.
Leister Social Responsibility
Production Sarnen, solar panels

Our Sarnen site also benefits from environmentally-friendly electricity that is generated by a photovoltaic system with 205 m2 solar panels on its south-facing facade. Our oldest building in Kägiswil was built in five stages between 1966 and 1992, and since 2009, its heating supply has come from a network of woodchip heating systems. 

The building that houses our Kägiswil headquarters uses a state-of-the-art air-to-water heat pump to heat it in winter and cool it down in summer.
Production Sarnen
205 m2 photovoltaic system