Social commitment

Leister Social Responsibility
Committed to traditions and success. Our extensive commitments over the decades demonstrate that we also have an active role to play beyond our core business activities. As a result, we have a clear social responsibility and promote a sense of community.

Shared moral concepts and ideals such as mutual respect, a strong focus on performance and solidarity, and a desire to compete form the basis of our long-standing involvement in the national sport of Swiss wrestling. For many years, Leister has been the primary sponsor of the Central Swiss Wrestling Federation (ISV) and is also renowned for donating countless prizes for the winners.

The Leister Foundation

The Leister Foundation is committed to upholding its objectives of supporting art, culture, education, and knowledge.

We are very proud of the fact that it is based in Central Switzerland. For this reason, we generally prioritize projects that promote the customs and traditions surrounding the art and culture in this area. 

We are also heavily involved in promoting education and knowledge. We continue to place great emphasis on developing the technical education of today’s young people. To this end, we have established successful cooperations with various organizations and institutes such as the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology in both Zurich (ETHZ) and Lausanne (EPFL), Technorama, the Swiss Association of Women Engineers (svin), and Na-tec. 


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