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We are looking for entrepreneurs within the company. By "entrepreneurs", we mean forward-thinking people with a pioneering spirit who exude passion and enthusiasm for what they do. Our leadership principles are firmly underpinned by our ability to think and act in an entrepreneurial way.

Are you looking for a position that will allow you to fully incorporate your expertise and managerial skills to really make a difference? Then Leister is the company for you.

You will shape our open corporate culture and play a consistent and proactive role in implementing our corporate strategy. In doing so, your highest priority will be to focus on the needs of our markets and customers.

We hold in-house training courses not only to support managers in dealing with the high responsibility that comes with their roles, but also to strengthen their expertise on a social and professional level.

Join us and be a part of the success story that we will be writing after another 60 years.

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Sanket Bhatia

Business Line Manager - Mass Flow Devices, Axetris AG

Bhatia Sanket, Axetris AG, Switzerland
Sanket Bhatia

“My role here offers the ideal opportunity to combine my engineering experience with sales and commercial responsibilities”.        

Sanket Bhatia has acquired several years' experience in both India and Germany, which he is now able to call upon as part of his role at Axetris. In the past he has worked in a variety of sectors, including the automobile, construction materials, and metal industries. He has also held various positions in the fields of sales, marketing, and corporate strategy, with his primary areas of interest centering around market and business development.

With regard to his role at Axetris, he values the exceptionally high product standards in terms of both quality and the technology in use, which means he has total confidence in the entire range. What's more, the opportunity to share and exchange professional expertise within the team is something he particularly enjoys.At Axetris, Sanket is responsible for a number of functions. Besides management of the mass flow business line, which includes worldwide sales responsibility and team management for that business, he is also responsible for sales operations and marketing functions across all of the Axetris business lines. In this regard, Sanket particularly enjoys strategic planning and implementation of initiatives, and draws satisfaction from being able to contribute to the company’s success.

What he likes about Axetris are the opportunities available for implementing new ideas within the growing company: “There is still so much more for us to achieve and I would love the opportunity to be involved in any further developments!”. He also appreciates the level of freedom he is afforded by both the company and his individual position. The markets for our products are dynamic and offer extensive opportunities, yet they are not without their challenges.

A keen astronomer, Sanket enjoys spending free time with his family and loves the great outdoors.

Fredy Gerig

Department Head, Automation/Systems Assembly, Leister Technologies AG

Leister AG - Ausbildung und Lehrstellen
Fredy Gerig
"For me, Leister is not just hot air, but rather the exciting combination of internationality with regional roots, coupled with a great deal of innovation and emotion."

Fredy Gerig knows Leister from the ground up. He finished his apprenticeship as a mechanic in 1998, worked subsequently after a brief interruption in operating materials design and became Head of the Automation/Systems Assembly production department in 2010.

Fredy Gerig has also gone on to pursue continued education during this time with Leister, whether it be specialisation in automation with professional certification from Switzerland, courses in CAD and PLC programming, company paramedic training or continuing eduction to become a management specialist, also with professional certification from Switzerland. He was actively supported by Leister in all these undertakings.

As Department Head, he values highly employee management with a technical side. To lead the team, which exhibits great initiative and has a strong emphasis on quality aspects, and to utilise and promote the professional expertise of the employees. The interfaces that this position brings with it include close cooperation with a large number of different people. This is why it is so fascinating to deal with the daily challenges, with a variety of personalities, opinions, expectations and requirements. Daily planning and organisation are a steady challenge in the area of management as well.

In his private life, Fredy Gerig spends a great deal of time with his family or actively relaxes with music (clarinet and piano) or in his garden.

Damian Sidler

Vice President Global Sales Entities, Leister AG

Damian Sidler
Damian Sidler

“Change is a constant consideration for a growing company such as ours and even opens up new opportunities”

Damian Sidler is a qualified electrical engineer from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich and has experience of working overseas in China. Prior to his Axetris career, he held the roles of Product Manager and Head of Product Development at an international company that deals with semiconductors. He was then employed by Leister for many years as a Marketing Manager before moving to Axetris.

The range of responsibilities held by Damian is diverse to say the least: It includes leading the sales and marketing team, taking care of key customers, drafting supply contracts with major customers, and even dealing with legal issues associated with exporting products. His role on the Axetris Management Board also involves organizational and management development.

He takes great pleasure in the diversity of his role at Axetris, which allows him to combine his engineering background with his business management training and international sales and marketing experience. The opportunity to lead and develop an international, intercultural team across three continents is not only great fun, it also broadens his horizons.

Whenever possible, Damian travels the 25 km commute to work by e-bike. In his free time, he enjoys being with his family and spending time in the mountains, whether that means skiing in the winter or hiking and climbing in the summer. 

Petra Staiger

Manager Integration Group and Project Leader, Axetris AG

LAG_AXAG_Petra Staiger
Petra Staiger

“We deliberately set ourselves high but realistic objectives. I appreciate this aspect of my work.”

The fact that Petra Staiger is comfortable in a high-tech environment, as is the case at Axetris, is no surprise. She became interested in technology at an early age and learned everything she could about it from the bottom up. Throughout her galvanizing apprenticeship, her study of material science and surface technology, as well as the various stages of her engineering career, she has developed a solid technical foundation on which she can continue to build.

In October 2015, she took over the project management for the Micro Optics division at Axetris AG. She plans a project from beginning to end, organizes the relevant meetings, and keeps an eye on the various production steps and above all, the timeline. She managed around 40 projects in 2016 alone, finishing the desired prototype in just 6–12 weeks.

She has also been the Integration Group (ITG) manager since June 2016. There she heads a team of 10, which supports production in the clean room with system and process issues. She and her team are the contacts who ensure that everything runs smoothly. “We are moving in a rapidly growing market. We are facing it with a lot of motivation and a thirst for innovation.”

Petra Staiger is also very active outside of work. Weather permitting, she can be found on her motorcycle or at her garden plot.

Dr. Sven Joosten

Manager Application and Technical Support Infrared Source, Axetris AG

LAG_AXAG_Sven Joosten
Sven Joosten

“It is lovely to see a theoretical concept be developed into a product.”

Mr. Joosten graduated from the University of Bayreuth where he studied physics and was then employed as a laser developer for eight years before he joined Axetris AG in February 2015 as a Senior Optical Engineer.

In this new role, he was particularly interested in the possibility of exploring classic optical design in-depth. As the contact person for the divisions Micro Optics and Infrared Source, his main task was answering customer queries regarding the optical setup and the design of the products, as well as supporting them throughout the integration.

In his first project, for example, he simulated the surface quality of parabolic reflectors and developed a model with which the dependence of the optical performance on roughness can be simulated. “This was then tested in the laboratory and a new design guideline was defined from it. It is the varied mix of project management and laboratory activities which makes my job so exciting.”

As of October 2016, he also performs after-sales support duties as the Manager of Application and Technical Support Infrared Source. This involves not just integration questions, but also the analysis of damage claims as well as reporting. “While I was involved with pre-development in R&D and I brought in and tested ideas there, the customer aspect was brought even more to the fore.” In his new role, he also became responsible for other employees. Together with his team, he creates customer-specific designs and defines the qualification and characterization of the new products.

During his free time, he enjoys dancing tango. When the weather is nice, he can also be found on the golf course.


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