Nozzle design, insulation and energy efficiency

6/7/2017, Leister Corporate, Leister Technologies, Process Heat

Leister Technologies AG, Process Heat, Nozzle Design
The nozzle design plays a crucial role for improving the efficiency factor in the field of industrial process heat. That is why Leister focuses on research and development to create new nozzles and on the further development of existing nozzles.

A nozzle that was developed especially for the activation process of PE-coated paper has been redesigned in the course of the continuous improvement process. With great results: Compared to the previous nozzle design, the engineers were able to boost the efficiency factor by nearly 30%. The production speed was increased from 400m/min to 700m/min with the same energy consumption.  Thus Leister is setting entirely new standards and offering a solution that pays off economically for its customers and grabs the attention of the packaging industry.

In addition to the nozzle, insulation also harbors great potential. The better the thermal insulation, the greater the Efficiency.

“We have not only optimized the nozzle design. A better energy efficiency can also be achieved by using advanced insulating materials,” says Reinhold Lux, Head Business Line Process Heat at Leister Technologies AG.

An organic fiber / ceramic composite is used as the new nozzle insulation. Even temperatures up to 1200°C are no problem for the insulating material itself, making it suitable for all air heaters. This nozzle insulation, now being used has improved the energy efficiency factor by another 7.3%. Not only the temperature and mechanical resistance are crucial in selecting the material. Due to the chance that this insulating material may have indirect contact with food, it is important that the insulating material is suitable for such an application.

Conclusion: While an output of 90kW was previously needed for just 400m/min, 81.3kW is now sufficient for 700m/min thanks to the improved nozzle design and the insulation.

An intelligent nozzle design and excellent insulation are key factors in order to keep losses as low as possible. A combination of nozzles, insulation, and air heaters tailored to the specific application is important as well. This combination is used primarily for the surface activation of plastics in the industry.

If you want to see the benefits of a sophisticated nozzle design live for yourself, you should visit us at this year’s Drinktec in hall C1.140. The Process Heat Team from Leister Technologies AG will be happy to answer your questions.


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