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We are local - worldwide

Welcome to Leister

Our employees

We're the market leaders
For over 60 years, we have been the global market leaders in the field of electronic devices for welding thermoplastic polymers. We offer hot-air modules, blowers, and hot-air blowers that can be installed in machines for industrial process heat applications.

An international playing field
Active in 60 countries with 75 sales partners, Leister is a real global player. Our employees come from 14 different nationalities, which allows us to support your capacity to operate successfully in a multi-cultural environment.

Entrepreneurs within the company
Our leadership principles are firmly underpinned by our ability to think and act in an entrepreneurial way. By "entrepreneurs," we mean forward-thinking people with a pioneering spirit, who exude passion and enthusiasm for what they do.

A great sense of team spirit
Whether you're a member of the corporate management team, a manager, team leader, consultant, or trainee, we all treat each other how we would like to be treated in return. One of our fundamental objectives is to foster open, fair, and respectful relationships with our colleagues and customers alike, as we firmly believe that mutual support and shared capabilities are the key to developing our full potential. This forms the basis of Leister's fantastic team spirit.

Further training and career opportunities
We recognize potential in our employees, create opportunities for development, and offer a level playing field for everyone. These are all crucial factors when it comes to supporting and retaining our qualified and valued team members.


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