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Logo Weldy

simple – good – affordable

WELDY's business activities were launched in 1997 to complement Leister products with hot-air devices for DIY and private label customers. By 2007, the product portfolio had been expanded to include functional plastic welding devices – initially for the Chinese market, and then for emerging markets and selective countries.

Weldy product portfolio

Global DIY and private label product lines:
Hot-air blowers for universal applications including shrinking.

Functional plastic welding devices:

Hot-air hand tools, hand extruders, automatic welders, and welding machines for tank and apparatus construction, civil engineering, roofs, promotional banners, and films.

Since 2004, Leister Technologies Ltd. in Shanghai, China, has been manufacturing WELDY products in accordance with Leister function and quality requirements. With its focus on customers in emerging markets, the Leister factory in Shanghai is a profitable site for WELDY.

Weldy Prodotti per saldatura di plastica

Weldy sales and marketing

Weldy products for the Chinese market are sold directly by Leister Technologies Ltd., Shanghai, whereas Weldy AG in Kägiswil, Switzerland, has been responsible for international sales since 2013. The existing sales network for emerging markets and selective countries continues to expand.

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