Safe leather processing with the new LEISTER protection nozzle

Product Stories13 Apr 2018
Do you know Leister, above all, uses hot air for plastic welding? Leister is known for this, but there's a lot more you can do with hot air: Other materials also can be heated to process them. Leather, for example, can be softened, smoothed, and formed using hot air.

Burn holes in leather, which can occur when smoothing with hot air equipment, are a constant hot topic in the truest sense of the word. Because this topic makes our customers unhappy, our clever specialists have come up with something new.

Visit to the Schuler leather Atelier in Einsiedeln

Leo Schuler, the friendly owner of the  Lederatelier Schuler in Einsiedeln, Switzerland let Matthias Kaserer, design engineer in the Hand Tools business line, and Urs Zimmermann (Urs works in our marketing department and is responsible for videos and photos, among other things) have a look over his shoulder while working. Thanks to Leo Schuler we now can show you in our short film and photos, how leather processing works―without causing burn holes―with the GHIBLI AW and the new LEISTER protection nozzle.

Safety distance and temperature are essential

"When the sensitive leather comes into direct contact with the hot heating tube of the GHIBLI, it has happened. There is either a burn hole or ugly cracks," says Leo Schuler, and that's annoying. Especially when he reupholsters the leather seats of vintage cars, he works with expensive leather and often has to "iron out" small folds that can occur when upholstering the seats.
The new protection nozzle provides enough distance between the GHIBLI and the leather, and it does not get hotter than 60 C (140 F) even at maximum power. Mr. Schuler still can touch them with his fingers without burning himself. The GHIBLI AW itself can reach temperatures of 620 C (1,148 F). At this temperature it is clear that leather burns, as well as Mr. Schuler's fingers.

Protection - not only for leather and fingers

Our specialists are proud of their new development and our customers are happy that nothing is damaged when working with sensitive materials such as leather, artificial leather and textiles. The protection nozzle is not only suitable for leather, but also for all sensitive materials that are processed, smoothed or stretched with hot air, and of course, also to protect against burns on your fingers and arms.

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