Who's afraid of a big roof? Nobody who has a VARIMAT V2.

Product Stories15 Mar 2018

No VARIMAT V2 owner has been afraid of big roofs since the membrane of the roof of the new  Amazon Logistics Center in Vercelli, Italy, were welded with VARIMAT V2 in July 2017 of last year.

Successful under time pressure and temperature fluctuations

108,000 square metres of roof area - as large as 15 football fields – is a considerable area, for a roof and for a VARIMAT V2. The project lasted from February to July 2017 and the use of welding was made more difficult by temperature fluctuations. Not only by the changing of the seasons from winter, spring and summer, but especially in summer during day and night. The welding temperature had to be adjusted according to the outside temperature so that the quality of the welding seam was in order. 

Be on the safe side with closed-loop technology from Leister

With the closed-loop technology from LEISTER you are on the safe side when it comes to the quality of the welding seam. Why? This technology guarantees that the parameters remain permanently constant even in the case of voltage fluctuations. In this way you always achieve a safe welding under different conditions on the construction site.

Watch the video. It best illustrates what the VARIMAT V2 can do.

We are proud of our strong and fast roof welding specialist. And we're not afraid of the big roof. Are you?



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