Laying the foundation stone for the extension building, Ried II

Success Stories6 Jun 2018
A lot has happened since the ground-breaking ceremony back in December 2017. Although a site fence blocks the view of what's happening, the two huge cranes can still be seen. The grassland had to make way for the excavation pit. It rumbles, crashes and dusts.

Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications at Leister AG, spoke with Hanspeter Jung, Director of Manufacturing at Leister Technologies AG, about the extension building. Find out below what milestones we've reached to date on this construction project.

In your opinion, what're a few, important milestones we've passed since our ground-breaking ceremony back in December 2017?

The most emotional milestone for me was the start of construction on January 8, 2018: when the excavators arrived. Reality had started to set in. By March 26th, a total of 290 piles had been installed. At the same time, excavation work began and the builders were on the construction site. 

The first crane arrived on April 26th and we began to see the project taking on more progress.

The base plate for the basement was finished by May 30th.

How big is the base plate?

(Get the huge building plan and measure with the ruler.) About 77 meters long and 48.5 meters wide. That's about 3,750 square meters.

It's almost as big as a football field. (I know a lot about large areas because I've had many projects involving land since I've began working for Leister. To illustrate this, I always use the football field converter.)

Today, June 5th, the foundation stone was laid. What's significant about laying the foundation stone for Leister?

It's important for us to leave something lasting for posterity that may one day have historical value.

And what was buried?

Leister devices, of course! Our WELDPLAST S1 and TRIAC AT, current texts about the Leister Group and the company history, as well as a list with the names of all employees who work for us. You'll have to take my word for it because the time capsule has already been buried with the material.

What happens now on our construction site?

After the foundation stone has been laid, work on the ground, floor slab begins. It should be ready by the beginning or middle of July. According to Implenia AG, we're on schedule.

So if things continue like this, will the building be ready in the first quarter of 2019?

From how things are looking today, yes. Provided Zeus continues to be nice to us and does not send us torrential rainfall. No, seriously… Something can always go wrong, but I am confident that we will be ready in the first quarter of 2019. 

Thank you for this interesting interview. I wish you continued success with your major project. Our next interview date is already clear: the construction in late autumn.