Microtechnology from Axetris as life saver during Corona pandemic

Axetris Insight30 Mar 2020

Axetris specializes in microtechnology and manufactures infrared sources, among other things, in its own clean room. Infrared Sources are part of respirators used for coronavirus patients in hospitals.

Author: Andrea Zimmermann, Marketing Coordinator & Content Manager, Axetris Switzerland

Increasing demand for Axetris infrared sources

Ventilators and respiratory gas monitoring have become scarce due to the coronavirus pandemic, causing the demand for infrared sources to increase since February 2020. Infrared Sources are the size of a finger-tip and they're used in the optical gas sensor to monitor patients breathing. The sensor is used to monitor the condition of the lungs resp. blood circulation by measuring the CO2 concentration with high resolution for each breath.

Axetris is currently producing infrared sources under lots of pressure and has taken various measures to significantly increase output. For example, employees from other areas of the Leister Group are working as support in Axetris' production, "Axetris is very well positioned despite this difficult situation. It is important for all of us to help save lives with our products. Even in these challenging times, our employees are committed to their work, whether in the production or in the home office. This situation is challenging since people with symptoms are not tested for the coronavirus. Especially in production, we depend on all employees and need clarity," Managing Director Patrick Blessing emphasizes.

Gas flow measurement in medical devices

In addition to infrared sources, medical devices also contain mass flow devices. Mass flow devices enable a fast and accurate measurement of the gas flow. There is a high demand in analytics for these products, especially now during coronavirus.

Micro lenses make it possible to work from home

When nations began to have employees work from home predominately, global data transfer increased for the data/telecom market. This was also felt by Axetris' Microlenses business line, which is experiencing a continuous increase in orders.

The microscopic lenses are located in data centers all over the world, "Of course, we have also ramped up our microlense production to ensure global data transfer," continues Patrick Blessing.

About Axetris

The internationally active Axetris AG is a company of the Leister Group. Its headquarters are in Kägiswil in the canton of Obwalden. Axetris employs around 150 people worldwide.

The product range of Axetris AG includes microtechnology-based infrared emitters, laser gas sensors, mass flow meters and controllers and micro-optical components. Applied in industry, telecommunications and environment as well as in the medical and automotive sector, Axetris products are sold worldwide under the brand name Axetris.

Interdisciplinary and highly qualified teams have extensive experience in the design, manufacturing and measurement of MEMS components and advanced optical and electronic sensor modules. Axetris cus-tomers thus benefit from profound application knowledge, outstanding product value, consistently high quality and first-class support. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) worldwide trust in Axetris as a competent partner for customized applications from concept to mass production.