GROOVER 500-LP - a Rat's Nests of Cables are a Thing of the Past

Product Stories6 Jul 2020

Yes, you read it right. With its new cordless GROOVER 500-LP, Leister Technologies AG has revolutionized the flooring market. Silvan Horand, Product Manager at Leister knows the reason.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

«Like everywhere else, on the building site speed matters. You lose a lot of time when you have to search out a power point, carry cable reels around, connect extension cables and wrestle with an unmanageable rat's nest of cables. And that’s before we get on to the subject of trip hazards.» Seems obvious. So it’s no surprise that flooring installers, contractors, interior decorators and designers have welcomed this cordless floor grooving machine. The GROOVER 500-LP makes floor grooving significantly quicker, cleaner, safer and less complicated. You can find in this blog what happens when the battery is flat, and what else the GROOVER 500-LP has to offer you.

Flat battery - now what?

If you compare it your mobile phone when it yet again gives up the ghost because its battery is flat, it’s not a nice thought. Or the last time you picked up the power drill to drive a screw into the wall to hang a picture for your Auntie Flo. OK, we get it, you can really do without forced interruptions when you’re grooving the floor. But we’re not like that.

Because from the outset you receive a second battery with your GROOVER 500-LP. Whilst you are busy grooving, simply put the other rechargeable battery on charge at the power supply. Then when your cordless GROOVER runs out of puff you can swap over the batteries and carry on - so your GROOVER performs without a break. When you do want a break, simply switch off. You’ll have time for this, because with your GROOVER 500-LP you will work much faster than previously.

Some other facts you would like to know about your GROOVER 500-LP

Cordless operation is the highlight – what more do you want to know? OK, so order the machine and away you go. Thank you.

The new GROOVER 500-LP

Everyone else can continue reading and find out what else the GROOVER 500-LP has to offer.

General-purpose milling cutter blade for plastic and natural floor coverings

The cordless grooving machine uses a general-purpose milling cutter to mill grooves for weld seams and joints when laying resilient floor coverings of plastic (PVC, PE, PUR) and natural materials (linoleum, rubber). That's new. Until now you had to switch milling cutters when changing from a plastic floor covering to a natural floor covering.

Also: As well as the usual tungsten carbide milling cutter Leister is now offering a cutter tipped with polycrystalline diamond, for milling safety floor coverings. Such safety floor coverings are used in areas such as wet cells, industrial kitchens and on public transport.

Compact design ideally suited to use on large and small floor areas

That’s music to the ears of those who have laid flooring in gymnasiums, school halls, nursery schools and other public buildings, or who wish to do so: The GROOVER 500-LP offers a compact design which is ideal for both large and small floor areas, and also for a many different types of floor covering.

Constant depth of groove, even on uneven floors

Neither will you have problems when milling uneven floors. That’s because the sensing roller on the GROOVER 500-LP ensures that the depth of groove – which you can steplessly adjust from 0 - 6 mm / 0 - 0.24 in – remains constant even on uneven floors.

Easy and safe changing of the cutter blade

When after a long period of work the cutter blade becomes blunt, you can change it easily and safely. You do this by taking the hexagon key L-wrench attached to the machine and releasing the relevant screws. So that you don’t cut yourself when changing the blade, first you press a button to lock the blade.

Side stop for grooving along a rail

The handy side stop for grooving along a rail is very useful when you have to groove a floor covering that has no butt joints. You will be familiar with this when doing repair jobs or when you must mill grooves for markings or reference lines in the floor covering.

Rotatable dust tube for cutting along walls or other objects

The rotatable dust tube allows you to cut grooves along walls or other objects as close as 25 mm / 0.98 in. You will become aware of the particular advantage of the rotatable dust tube when you are working on cushion-edged profiles or profiled skirting boards. Everyone involved in laying floors in hospitals, industrial kitchens and other areas with high hygiene requirements will greet this feature with enthusiasm.

LED light for illuminating the grooving area

An LED light illuminates the grooving area so that you can see what is happening and you always know how the work is progressing, . This makes it easier to work in rooms where there is little light. Which often happens on building sites.

It can easily be connected to a vacuum cleaner, thus satisfying even very high hygiene requirements

That’s a big advantage for everyone involved in grooving floors in hospitals and clean rooms: Instead of the dust bag, you can use the adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner directly to the GROOVER LP-500. It generates no contamination by spreading dust particles or chips. The additional need to clean dust out of the grooves before they are closed is also eliminated.

Low-maintenance and quiet operation, thanks to the brushless motor

Good news for everyone who is fed up with changing carbon brushes and with having to shout to communicate with workmates. The GROOVER 500-LP has a brushless motor. That means it is particularly low-maintenance. In addition its motor is significantly quieter than mains-powered grooving machines.

That’s it – thanks for reading

If you’ve read this far you know why you need the cordless GROOVER 500-LP from Leister. Because in a nutshell: This grooving machine performs grooving of resilient floor coverings cordlessly, quickly, cleanly and reliably. Try it for yourself.


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