Fast Drying of Paints on Beverage Capsules

Success Stories19 May 2020

For the recent development of a line of machines for spray painting and drying closures, both in plastic and aluminium, Omso has adopted the heaters produced by Krelus, a company of the multinational Leister group.

Author: Alberto Pecchio, Marketing Specialist, Leister Italia

The line is intended for the alcoholic beverage sector, in collaboration with a leading multinational company in the industry. "We believe we have taken a new step forward in moving towards plants with a reduced environmental impact," said Massimo Verona, technical director of Omso.

Two important aspects distinguish this plant: the use of paints with characteristics adapted to the process and the use of modern drying technologies. Krelus heaters allow the paint to dry in a short time, limiting the air circulation on freshly painted closures as much as possible. This solution has a small footprint and makes it very easy to regulate the working temperatures.


In the closures painting line, the drying part is set up around the Krelus modules. The closures exiting the spray booth enter the drying area consisting of four consecutive straight sections. Each of these sections consists of a "Krelus tunnel" with three heating modules, which allows a very short residence time compared to other forms of heating.

Modularity makes all the difference. Each of the sections that make up the drying zone can be adjusted separately with respect to distance from the object and temperature. This allows you to easily create the best "drying and cooling curve" for each object and type of paint applied. The ability to calibrate the drying system for new paints is essential for the success of the process.

The adjustment of Krelus modules is simple and intuitive; this makes it a highly appreciated component both by Omso and by the end users of its machines.