TRIAC AT with Soldering Iron Kit

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Product Stories13 Jul 2020

Our creative engineers are known for always coming up with something new to make life easier and safer. Open flames on roofs are always a thorn in your side, because this is simply dangerous. Therefore, we now solder copper, zinc and chrome steel with hot air. If you want to, you can do it.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

Interesting news for roofers, plumbers, tinsmiths and roofers who also perform tinsmith work: Soldering risks with an open flames and exhaustion from moving propane tanks and soldering tools on the roof gutters, flash details and connection plates are a thing of the past. Now you can complete all this work with the TRIAC AT and its practical soldering iron kit.

Have you seen the latest information on TRIAC AT via Facebook and Linkedin in May and June? If so, you may already have an idea about the benefits of working with the handy Leister TRIAC AT heat gun.

If you are not on social media yet and would still like to know what benefits the TRIAC AT will bring you, simply read this blog post. We have summarized everything for you.

What does the soldering iron kit include?

The soldering iron kit for the TRIAC AT includes a pointed soldering iron, soldering iron blank, soldering iron adapter and device stand. You can easily put together a pointed soldering iron made of copper with the adapter on the TRIAC ATs heating tube and then get started.

The device stand, which you mount underneath the heating tube with two Phillips screws, holds the TRIAC AT while taking a break from soldering. This way, the hot soldering tip does not touch the surface by accident.

You can make the soldering iron blank yourself, if necessary, and customize it to your needs and the desired application.

  1. Pointed soldering iron
  2. Soldering iron blank
  3. Soldering iron adapter
  4. Device stand

Why is soldering with the TRIAC AT better than with gas?

There are several reasons for this: As mentioned, with an open gas flame, there is always a chance that a fire can start, and who wants to burn a roof?

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In addition, the gas flame temperature is always the same. Precisely set the soldering pistons temperature on the TRIAC AT. Wind and dust make soldering with an open flame difficult and dangerous. When working with the TRIAC AT and the soldering iron kit, wind and dust are no problem on the job sites. Lastly, soldering without gas and an open flame is emissions-free, making it environmentally friendly.

What is the TRIAC AT with soldering iron kit best suited for?

We recommend the TRIAC AT with soldering iron kit for all soldering work on roofs and gutters made of copper, chrome and zinc, to connect roof fascia. Also, it is recommend for general soldering work in roof restorations and on dust-prone and/or windy job sites.

Here are the seven most important benefits summed up:

  1. The soldering iron kit with an adapter is easy to assemble
  2. Stable, thanks to the device stand
  3. Safer, electrical hot air solution, e. g. for conversion work, in case of dust and wind
  4. Regulated electronics for precise soldering
  5. Metals don’t get too hot, thanks to the temperature adjustment
  6. Environmentally friendly and no gas costs
  7. Practical accessories for the TRIAC AT 1600W

In short: With the soldering iron kit, you change the TRIAC AT into a safe and environmentally friendly soldering device. Even with wind and dust, you can solder metals such as copper, zinc and chrome safely and without burns. Gas and propane tanks? You can forget about them. We now prefer to solder safely and in an environmentally friendly way with the TRIAC AT and Leister’s soldering iron kit. And you?