Roof Renovation Completed - and What's Next?

Leister Insight10 Aug 2020

As announced in our blog post of July 20, 2020, we would like to inform you how things are progressing on the Leister headquarters roof in Kägiswil, Switzerland.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

On August 6, 2020, team members from Mathis Flachdach AG and the Leister Group inspected and approved the roof once again. This means we have the green light for the next step: Work on the new photovoltaic system, which is being built by Elektrizitätswerk Obwalden (EWO), will begin as early as the end of August.

Before approval, the roof was put under water for a few days to check that everything was welded tightly. Everyone following us on Facebook and LinkedIn has probably seen the video with our roof professional Paul Röthlin. To all those who have missed his "roof Kneipp cure", we will show it here once again.

Photovoltaic system for our headquarters roof

At Leister, sustainability, economical use of natural resources and the sensible use of renewable energies are at the forefront. For this reason, the existing climate-friendly construction concept was continued in the extension of the Leister Technologies AG factory building in Sarnen, Switzerland. Additionally, the existing photovoltaic system there was extended too. If you want to read this in detail again, you can find all the information about it in our blog post about the opening event on July 4, 2019.

To continue our climate-friendly construction concept, 840 photovoltaic modules will be installed at the end of August for our 2,000 m2 / 21,528 ft2 large roof at our headquarters in Kägiswil, so that we are also equipped with a photovoltaic system here. We also owe a big thanks for the rapid implementation to the good cooperation with the municipality of Sarnen, which granted us the building permit for the photovoltaic plant within four weeks despite the holiday period. Thank you to all those involved in this process for their hard work and dedication.

We will start producing and using our own electricity as early as October, if everything continues to go according to plan.

How much electricity will we produce with our main roof? With optimal solar radiation we expect more than 300,000 kWh per year. By way of illustration: Of these, around 60 single-family homes could be supplied with electricity for a year.

When we commission our photovoltaic system in October 2020, you will be the first to know on Leister Stories.