UNIFLOOR and GROOVER Inspire Floor Installers in Algeria

Success Stories19 Apr 2021

FS DECO is an Algerian company that specializes in installing resilient and hard floor coverings. The team of qualified floor installers advise the Algerian clientele professionally and individually in the selection of indoor and outdoor floor coverings. Whether carpet, parquet, laminate or elastic coverings made of PVC (vinyl) and linoleum for a wide variety of applications such as operating theatres, school classrooms, offices and much more.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Switzerland

Concentration on major projects

After a difficult start, Djeloul Fateh, Managing Director at FS DECO, made the decision to focus on interior decorating and flooring in homes and businesses in 2000. The specific flooring he works with includes parquet, LVT and vinyl, as well as false ceilings and wall coverings. This was done with the goal of obtaining orders for large projects like floors in pharmaceutical plants, food processing factories, sports halls, etc.


On the left in the picture you can see how a floor installer from FS DECO is milling joints in a linoleum floor with the GROOVER.

On the right, his colleague welds a short section of the floor with the HOT JET S from Leister.

Today Djeloul Fateh knows that it was the right decision: "We have received orders to install flooring in large areas, which has brought us further [into the industry].

This left us with the need to look for new floor welding solutions since we didn't yet have the right equipment to install floor coverings efficiently and precisely over large areas.

We still use the TRIAC ST, which we had from the beginning, but mainly for detail work or smaller areas. In the meantime, we have switched to Leister welding machines: We use the GROOVER floor milling machine to prepare the joints and the UNIFLOOR automatic welding machine to weld. The UNIFLOOR welds elastic floor coverings made of PVC (vinyl) and natural materials such as linoleum and rubber in a quick and durable manner. The HOTJET S is the smallest heat gun from Leister and our employees use it to weld the floor coverings in corners and other detail work.

We acquired the right knowledge to correctly handle of our Leister equipment in the training courses at the Gerflor Training Academy in Mohammedia, Morocco. We're happy things are going so well and we're having a lot more fun."

FS DECO wants to grow continuously

FS DECO's goal is to expand internationally and work on large projects in Europe, the Maghreb countries and the other regions of Africa.

Leister sales partner ChimiBat in Algiers

Mohamed Benhabiles, Sales Manager at the exclusive Leister distribution partner ChimiBat in Algeria, is enthusiastic about the new Leister products in his range: "We are pleased to announce that, in addition to many other Leister heat guns and automatic welding machines, we now have the new UNIFLOOR 500 automatic floor welding machine and the GROOVER 500-LP battery-powered floor milling machine. Installing resilient floor coverings made of PVC (vinyl) and natural coverings over large areas is even more efficient with the UNIFLOOR 500 and the GROOVER 500-LP. This is huge because installers require equipment that helps make their projects more efficient, which is another reason they're fans of Leister. Additionally, they appreciate the high quality and reliability of Leister products."

Thank you for the positive feedback and the successful cooperation

We’d like to congratulate Djeloul Fateh and the whole team at FS DECO on their success and hope they get to work on many new projects in Europe and Africa. Thank you for your positive feedback and the great cooperation.

We would also like to thank Mohamed Benhabiles and the entire Leister sales team at ChimiBat in Algiers.

Rachid Benlakhouy, Sales Manager Africa and Western Europe at Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland, puts it in a nutshell: "Leister is at home anywhere in the world because customer proximity is a top priority for us. As the Sales Manager for Africa, this continent is particularly close to my heart. I am delighted to have such a good working relationship with ChimiBat and our other African distributors who ensure we are always close to our customers in Africa."