Infrared Heater for Riveting - KRELUS Pin Heater

Product Stories30 Jul 2021

KRELUS infrared heaters from Leister, are known in various industries around the globe for their high performance and super-fast response time. Leister now offers infrared heating for plastic riveting in the form of KRELUS Pin Heaters. More on this in this blog entry.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Switzerland

The KRELUS Pin Heater was specially designed by our infrared specialists for riveting plastic. Users have the option of heating the plastic to be processed first and then forming it right afterwards. Meanwhile, the KRELUS Pin Heater does not need to be repositioned between steps since the riveting die is mounted concentric with the radially-constructed emitter.

Too complicated for you? Then just take a look at the video.

Uniform plasticizing

Another advantage of the KRELUS pin heater is that it heats up the rivet pin in a contactless manner via medium-wave infrared heating. This allows uniform, gentle and highly controlled plasticization. The Pin Heater is cooled with compressed air while in use. This means that there’s no plastic residue after riveting.


KRELUS Pin Heaters can be used to assemble various parts in the automotive industry, among others. For example, riveting the door trim in the car. Another important field of application is electronics manufacturing. In addition, KRELUS Pin Heaters are suitable for use in many other industries using plastics processing, for example when manufacturing refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines and tumble dryers, plastic toys, etc. In short: Almost all thermoplastics can be plasticized and formed with the KRELUS Pin Heater.

Here are the most important advantages of the Pin Heater at a glance:

  • Contactless heating
  • No adhering plastic residue thanks to the cooled die
  • Fast response times
  • Heating and re-forming in the same position
  • Easy to integrate in machine processes