Large, Slim, Powerful, WELDPLAST 605

Product Stories1 Feb 2022

Underground engineers have waited for it: The largest Leister WELDPLAST 605 hand extruder is impressive in the field of plastic welding in underground engineering thanks to its high output, durability and electronic functions such as the Leister Quality System. Curious? Read on now to find out how the WELDPLAST 605 will make you happy when working.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

Have you been waiting a long time for a really large and powerful hand extruder? Is there one with a lot of output that will make you happy for a long time and records the welding parameters when performing extrusion welding in underground engineering? All this can be done with your new handy WELDPLAST 605. Of course, from Leister. And specifically made for you in underground engineering.

Large underground engineering extruder for large underground engineering projects

To use “large” twice in a row is stylistically not quite flawless, but it is true. Because the WELDPLAST 605 is the largest Leister hand extruder and specifically designed for large civil engineering projects. Its high output of 6 kg/h (13.2 lbs/h) and its elongated, slim design will help you to implement large and particularly large underground engineering projects effortlessly.

The right partner for extrusion welding in underground engineering

For example, if you want to seal mines, landfills, fish farming ponds and water reservoirs made of PE, the WELDPLAST 605 is the right partner for you. What do you specifically use it for? For example, for welding T-joints, for connection work, for carrying out repairs, etc.

Extruder screw with dual zone heating


As an underground engineering professional, you know that for welding geomembranes you need a different extruder screw than in container construction. This is because the materials used in underground engineering have special properties. The WELDPLAST 605 therefore has an extruder screw plus two-zone heating specifically designed for welding geomembranes. Are you wondering what it is for? Two-zone heating was used for even better control of the temperature or plasticization.

In the Leister accessories, you will find various pre-heating nozzles for optimum heating of the welding zone. Because the correct preheating temperature of the geomembranes plays a decisive role in extrusion welding in underground engineering when it comes to the quality of your weld seam.

Everything under control (handled)


As you can see in the picture, you always have the WELDPLAST 605 under control (handled). Regardless of the handle position, the extruder fits perfectly in your hand. Apart from that, the bow-shaped handle is well-balanced. You do not see this on the picture, but you notice it immediately when you guide the extruder for the first time during welding, transport it on the construction site or place it on the floor.

More maneuverability in extrusion welding in underground engineering due to double-sided welding rod feed


Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that the welding rod was in your way during extrusion welding, for example after a change of direction? Then you can now breathe easy. Like most Leister extruders (WELDPLAST 600, WELDPLAST S1, WELDPLAST S2, WELDPLAST S4, FUSION 1, FUSION 2, FUSION 3 and FUSION 3C) as well as the Weldy extruders booster EX2 and booster EX3, the new WELDPLAST 605 also has a double-sided welding wire feeder on both sides (left and right). This makes you more agile when welding and is less stressful.

Unbreakable, indestructible, durable, robust...

You guessed right. All these are synonyms for a long service life. Of course, you can also break the WELDPLAST 605 if you absolutely want to. However, durability is also essentially part of this Leister extruder program because both its drive motor and its blower motor are brushless. In addition, it rarely requires maintenance. If we had to describe the WELDPLAST 605 with three adjectives, then with: perseverant, low-maintenance, and durable.

Competition for Venus

For all non-astrologists among you: Venus is the evening star and the brightest in the night sky. Imagine welding geomembranes in regions where it is really hot during the day and bitterly cold during the night. For example, in the Kazakh steppe. There’s nothing to do but weld at night. And because Venus is not always visible depending on the cloud cover, we have equipped the WELDPLAST 605 with a particularly strong LED working light. Your welding zone is therefore perfectly illuminated at night. In addition, the illuminated working light indicates that the WELDPLAST 605 is ready for operation after startup.

Optimized cable routing for extrusion welding in underground engineering


Perhaps the power cable has already been in your way in the field of extrusion welding in underground engineering. This is the end of that because the WELDPLAST 605 is located under the housing. If you guide the extruder forward during extrusion welding, you now have a barrier-free path.

High welding quality even with undervoltage

Are you wondering how this is supposed to work? The intelligent Leister power management of the WELDPLAST 605 is the solution. This is because it compensates for undervoltage of up to 20 percent. It does this with equally high welding quality, but slightly reduced output.

If the voltage drops further, a message appears in the display of the WELDPLAST 605.

Save energy and money thanks to Eco Mode


If you regularly read our blog posts or follow us on our social media channels Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you know that at the Leister Group we place great value on sustainability and the protection of our environment. That is why we have been equipping our products with Eco mode for several years. When you activate Eco mode with the WELDPLAST 605, you save up to 40% energy during breaks. If you then continue to work, the WELDPLAST 605 is ready to start again in a flash.

Reliable quality control thanks to Leister Quality System (LQS)

For this reason, the WELDPLAST 605 is equipped with the proven Leister Quality System (LQS), like the popular Leister GEOSTAR G5 LQS, GEOSTAR G7 LQS and TWINNY T7 automatic welders. With the myLeister app, the welding parameters, including GPS coordinates, can now also be obtained in a log when extrusion welding in underground engineering. This is an advantage for you because the log allows you to document the quality of your welding work.

Here’s a quick synopsis of the best of the WELDPLAST 605

  • 6 kg (13.2 lbs) output for efficient extrusion welding in underground engineering
  • Effortless work thanks to its elongated and slim design
  • Extruder screw optimized for underground engineering plus two-zone heating for even better control of temperature or plasticizing
  • Balanced bow-shaped handle for various handle positions, easy transport and secure position
  • Agile to use thanks to double-sided welding rod feed
  • Long lifespan, thanks to its brushless drive and blower motor
  • Strong LED working light for perfect illumination of the welding zone in poor lighting conditions and during night work
  • Cable guide under the housing for obstruction-free extrusion welding
  • Intelligent power management equals undervoltage of up to 20%
  • Eco Mode saves up to 40% energy
  • Leister Quality System (LQS) for documentation of welding parameters and GPS coordinates

Convinced? Then order your WELDPLAST 605 from your nearest Leister sales partner.

For questions about plastic and extrusion welding in underground engineering, our Geo-star Thomas Furrer is there for you.

WELDPLAST 600 – the counterpart to extrusion welding in apparatus and container construction


As mentioned at the beginning, the WELDPLAST 605 is designed for use in underground engineering applications. If you need a powerful extruder for apparatus and container construction, we recommend the WELDPLAST 600, which was specifically designed for this purpose.

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