UNIDRIVE 500 – Successful Worldwide on Flat and Pitched Roofs since 2019

Product Stories13 Apr 2022

Since summer 2019, the practical Leister UNIDRIVE 500 semi-automatic hot-air welding machine has been in use on flat and pitched roofs worldwide. And it has been very successful right from the start. Why? Because the compact, maneuverable UNIDRIVE 500 closes the gap between manual and automatic welding.  

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister AG

Enthusiastic roofers from all over the world

Roland Beeler, Head of Business Line Plastic Fabrication, Roofing & Flooring, at Leister Technologies AG is extremely pleased. Since the market launch of the UNIDRIVE 500, he has regularly received positive feedback from our global clientele."It's really great when roofers contact me and tell me how much they enjoy working with the UNIDRIVE 500." The UNIDRIVE 500 delivers what it promises and has many advantages that make roofers' jobs easier when sealing flat and pitched roofs. In this blog post, we pass on what our customers tell us.

Constant and homogeneous weld seam quality

With the UNIDRIVE 500 users achieve a constant and homogeneous weld seam quality. For example, if five roofers weld a sub-roofing membrane with a hot-air hand tool, each weld looks different. This is normal, because everyone welds differently. The UNIDRIVE 500 compensates for these differences, because despite operating the semi-automatic hot-air welding machine manually, the welding process itself is automated. Foremen or forewomen simply set the parameters beforehand. Subsequently, roofers achieve consistent welding results with the UNIDRIVE 500.

Compact, Lightweight Flexible Welding flat and pitched roofs

Due to its compact design and low weight, the UNIDRIVE 500 application range is very large. Whether you want to waterproof a flat roof or a pitched roof. The UNIDRIVE 500 offers everything you need in one device. Its dual drive and left to right rotating nozzle allow you to weld in both directions. This increases flexiblity when welding roofs.

Optimally equipped - whether beginner or professional

You are not a roofing professional yet, but want to become one? Then the UNIDRIVE 500 is the right entry-level welder for you. Why? The fact that it combines manual and automatic welding in one device means you can seal roofs professionally right from the start. If you later want to weld larger roofs, such as commercial and industrial buildings, you will find it easy to switch to the Leister automatic roof welding machines UNIROOF 300, UNIROOF 700, VARIMAT S and VARIMAT V2. For smaller jobs, welding edge details, skylight domes, connections, parapet details and flashings as well as geomembrane liner prefabrication, you still have access to yourUNIDRIVE 500.
The UNIDRIVE 500 is also the ideal device for anyone who only occasionally welds geomembranes professionally. And Leister offers the handy roof professional at an extremely attractive price-performance ratio.

Up to five times faster than manual welding

If you once again have to complete a project under time pressure, you are in the right place with the well-equipped UNIDRIVE 500 by Leister. Because the automation and ergonomics of the semi-automatic hot air roof welding machine helps you weld up to four times faster than welding by hand. If that's not enough of a reason?!


Would you like to test the handy, flexible and semi-automatic Leister roof wonder? Our competent consultants are already looking forward to showing you the UNIDRIVE 500.
You can also find more information about the UNIDRIVE 500 in this blog post.