Leister and Weldy Products with Eco Mode

Leister Insight15 Feb 2022

Hot air blowers and automatic welders with eco mode from the product lines of Leister and Weldy are used in many industries and business sectors worldwide. What exactly the eco mode is and how it works, plus a number of other interesting questions, will be answered in the following video interview by Rene Meier, Head of Business Line Hand Tools of Leister Technologies AG.

Interviewer: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister, Switzerland.

In use around the world

And as you know: Whether it's civil engineering, flooring, roofing or technical textile applications - such as promotional banners and truck tarpaulins or applications for the transporation and electronics industries - Leister and Weldy hot air blowers and welding machines are in demand everywhere.

The practical and handy hot air blowers and welding systems of Leister and Weldy hold a very important place in numerous applications because of their outstanding features. Since 2019, all digital hot air hand tools are equipped with eco mode.

But now enough of this introductory talk. Here we go. René, the floor is yours. Lights, camera, action!

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Sustainable, economical, quiet – Leister eco mode.

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Rene Meier

Rene Meier is employed as Head of the Hand Tools Business Line at Leister Technologies AG. He is an expert in the development and distribution of Leister's globally proven hot air hand tools.