Product Launch Leister COMET 500 in Morocco by Podcast

Leister Insight28 Mar 2022

Rachid Benlakhouy, Sales Manager at Leister Technologies AG in Switzerland, is our linguistic chameleon. During their last telephone conversation with Thami el Masmoudi, owner of Easy Tools Maghreb (ETM), the two of them had a creative idea. Which one? Read this blog post and watch the product launch of the COMET 500 podcast.

Author: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Switzerland

It's always impressive to hear Rachid on the phone with our global sales and service partners. He switches from English to French, from French to Moroccan, from Moroccan to Arabic, just as it suits him. He also speaks Spanish, Italian and a little Russian, and of course Swiss German and High German. It's all very easy, at least for our Rachid.

Product launch COMET 500 in Morocco by podcast

Recently, he once again had Thami el Masmoudi, our Leister sales and service partner in Morocco, on the phone. That's when the two of them came up with the idea of podcasting the product launch of the COMET 500 GEO automatic welding machine in Morocco. Because they wanted something “official and communicative”. Because of the Corona pandemic, personal meetings and trade fairs on site were not yet an option.

Thami el Masmoudi got the idea for the podcast from a Leister Germany podcast he had seen on various channels. “Yallah”, was Rachid's spontaneous answer. (“Yallah” is a Turkish and Arabic expression that translates, mutatis mutandis, into English as: “Let's go.”) The two then did not take long and produced a Moroccan-Swiss podcast for the Moroccan product launch of the COMET 500. Urs Zimmermann, Digital Media Specialist at Leister Technologies AG, supported them with the video technology from the Leister Academy. 



Three hours of filming for 30 minutes of podcast

First of all, a screenplay had to be written. Rachid created it in collaboration with GEO Product Manager Patrick Schnider. Patrick was significantly involved in the development of the two GEO automatic welding machines COMET 500 and COMET 700.

For the podcast of 30 minutes in length, a total of about three hours of recording time were necessary. And of course, a stable internet connection between Kaegiswil and Casablanca.



Hollywood or Casablanca?

Thami el Masmoudi and his business partner Chafik el Idrissi had quite a bit of stage fright while filming. They were quite surprised that it doesn't show that way in the podcast. “We had a lot more stage fright than you see in the podcast. Are we supposed to be venturing into a career in Hollywood? No, we're Leister distributors at heart, that's what we know and are familiar with.



Thanks for staying loyal to Leister.

Thanks to Thami and Chafik from ETM for the creative product launch of the COMET 500 in Morocco and for remaining loyal to us. We wish you continued success in the service and distribution of Leister products and look forward to the next podcast with you. Yallah!