Interview with our business apprentice, Lena Zenner

Leister Insight12 Apr 2023

Lena Zenner has been on a business apprenticeship at Leister AG in Kägiswil since August 2021. Find out why she chose a business apprenticeship and how she has enjoyed her time at Leister in this interview.

Author: Lena Zenner, KV apprentice, Leister Switzerland

Interview: Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communications Manager, Leister Switzerland

Why did you decide on a commercial apprenticeship?

When it was time to start choosing a career at school, I looked around at different professions that I might like. At first glance, I liked the position of a hotel management assistant. But when I went for a " trial period," I found out that housekeeping (cleaning rooms) didn't really appeal to me. This "trial apprenticeship" was an important clue for me to decide what I liked and what I didn't like.

My mother then drew my attention to an advertisement in "Aktuell Obwalden". Leister was holding an information event about the profession of a commercial clerk. I had often heard that this was good basic training for the future and the work in the office also appealed to me because I like to work on the computer. That's why I went to this information event. Afterward, I decided to do an apprenticeship as a businesswoman.

And what happened next?

I then tried out a commercial apprenticeship at the Obwalden Cantonal Hospital, at Biofamilia, and at Leister. 

What did you like so much about Leister?

When I did the trial apprenticeship at Leister, the employees immediately struck me as positive. Although I was quite shy at the beginning, my colleagues welcomed me directly, showed me everything, and helped me when I had questions.

What areas have you gotten to know during your apprenticeship so far?

In the first year of my apprenticeship, I was in the purchasing department. There I checked order confirmations and entered orders. 
Now, in my second year, I'm working in sales. Here I process various customer orders and inquiries. 
In between, I also work at the reception desk. Among other things, I have contact with customers and our sales and service partners who, for example, complete welding training with us.  
During my apprenticeship at Leister, I also get insights into other departments. 

In my first year as an apprentice, I spent three days working in our incoming goods department. I got an insight into how our packages are made ready for dispatch and how our products are stored correctly. 

I also spent a day in the planning department. There I saw how our production is planned so that we always have enough items in stock. 
I spent three days in the IT department. Here I set up workstations for new employees and brought the newly delivered business telephones up to date.
Recently, I spent a week in production. There I wired and assembled some Leister devices myself.
Currently, I'm in marketing and learning about the different activities here. One of my tasks, for example, was to write this interview.

Where have you liked it best so far and why?

I really like both, the purchasing and sales departments. They are two different areas with two different teams. 
I like it best at the reception desk because the tasks there are very varied. I have direct contact with our visitors, but also typical office work. Everyday life is always different at the reception desk. Sometimes we have a lot of visitors and hardly a second to ourselves. On other days, there are only one or two visitors, and we have time to take care of our other tasks or orders that have been left behind. I like this variety very much.

What are you currently learning in theory, i.e. at school?

In school, we learn many different things. At the moment, we're on the third deepening and networking (V&V) work. In this work, we set up our own business in groups of four and make important business decisions. A program is used to evaluate our decisions and calculate whether we would make a profit or loss with our company. Fortunately, it's all just theory, because my group's company ended up in the red after its first year in business.
This is especially interesting if you ever want to start a company yourself. This V&V is linked to the subjects of economics, accounting and computer science.

Which is your favorite subject and why?

My favorite subject is English. I think English is a beautiful language and I like the culture in English-speaking countries.

Which subject do you like less?

Of all the subjects, I like French the least. I find this language the most difficult to learn. In addition, French is rarely used in my everyday life. So, I have little practical experience.

Do you already know what you will do after your commercial training?

So far, I don't have an exact plan for the future.

I would be interested in working abroad and continuing my education there. England or the USA would be the most appealing. 
I'm also interested in graphic design because I like to draw or design things in my free time.

But I'm open to the future and take it as it comes.


While working, Lena sometimes paints on her desk pad. She shares a small sample of her skills.

Thank you very much for the interview. We are very pleased that you like it so much at Leister and wish you continued success with your training.

Commercial apprentices visit the marketing department

During their apprenticeship, all commercial apprentices at the Leister Group are given an insight into the various professions that exist in marketing. Among other things, they complete a writing training course with Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager. We learn a lot of interesting things and our apprentices deepen their skills in written communication. It is always an exciting exchange, and we are happy to publish the interviews written by the learners on our blog.

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