Leister Service & Support - Reliable, Local, Sustainable

Product Stories23 Aug 2022
Leister offers high-quality products and unique services worldwide. Our specialists bring new life to your Leister equipment in 90 Service & Support Centers around the globe. Look over their shoulder as they work.

Authors: Gregor Studer, Manager Marketing Services and Silke Landtwing, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Switzerland

You need your Leister equipment every day and sometimes use it under extreme conditions. As a result, individual wear parts will wear out over the years. Give your Leister equipment a break, they will thank you for it.

We do our best to ensure that your Leister equipment is back with you as quickly as possible. Of course, with matching original spare parts, plenty of know-how, special service tools and top calibration equipment.

Take a look over the shoulder of Daniel Barmet and his team at the Leister Switzerland Service & Support Center.

Your satisfaction drives us. Every day. Worldwide.

Unique Services:

  • close to you - in 66 countries with 90 certified service centers
  • competent personnel with lots of experience
  • specialized in Leister products
  • exclusively original spare parts and accessories
  • Tutorial videos with valuable tips and tricks