"Guets us Ob- und Nidwalden" at the ESAF 2022 in Pratteln

Leister Insight23 Aug 2022

In line with the slogan "Guets us Ob- und Nidwalden", the wrestlers from the Ob- and Nidwalden Swiss Wrestling Association have qualified to step into the sawdust at the ESAF 2022 in Pratteln (BL). And Leister AG will donate a cow from Kägiswil (OW) as a live prize for the third-placed wrestler, as it did at the ESAF 2019 in Zug. 

Author: Silke Landtwing, Manager of Corporate Communications, Leister Switzerland

15 top motivated wrestlers from Ob- and Nidwalden have qualified for the ESAF 2022 in Pratteln (BL). As the association sponsor of the Central Swiss Wrestling Association (ISV), Leister AG has equipped all the wrestlers of the ISV and their coaches with uniform team clothing. In addition, Leister donates the soon to be two year old and pregnant bovine "Galilea".

Dressing the Wrestlers

The Wrestlers from Ob- and Nidwalden

  • Bernhard Lukas, Engelberg
  • Burch Jonas, Stalden
  • Bürgi Reto, Giswil
  • Ettlin Stefan, Kerns
  • Durrer Jonas, Wolfenschiessen
  • Durrer Nando, Alpnach village
  • Hess Dominik, Engelberg
  • Odermatt Andreas, Ennetmoos
  • Odermatt Christian, Ennetmoos
  • Omlin Toni, Flüeli-Ranft
  • Rohrer Ivan, Sachseln
  • Rohrer Ueli, Flüeli-Ranft
  • Röthlin Pascal, Sachseln
  • von Ah Benji, Giswil
  • Zemp Christian, Kerns

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Bombay and Greth may stay at home

Bovine "Galilea" as Gift Donation for Third-Placed Wrestler

Bruno von Wyl, a member of the Leister Group Management, is looking forward to presenting the heifer "Galilea" from the farm of breeders Christoph and Jasmin Küchler from Kägiswil in the arena of the ESAF 2022 soon: "Galilea is the offspring of our bovine Bombay, which Leister donated as a live prize at ESAF 2019. At that time the wrestler chose the prize money, which is why Bombay returned to the Küchlers and gave us this magnificent offspring. It is a special honor for us to be represented in Baselbiet with an Obwald cattle. In keeping with the slogan 'Guets us Ob- und Nidwalde'."

The special name of the bovine has a close connection with the Leister headquarters in Kägiswil, as this is located at Galileo-Strasse 10. In addition, Galilea is the mascot of ISV and hopefully brings the team luck and success.

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