Axetris Laser Gas Detector Improved LGD Compact Module

Product Stories2 Mar 2023

Demand for the Axetris Laser Gas Detector LGD Compact is considerable. With its compact design, the LGD module is ideal for a range of applications. The new version takes into account current requirements. System integration is now even easier. More on this in this blog entry.

Author: Rui Protasio, Product Manager Laser Gas Detection, Axetris Switzerland

The first LGD module from Axetris, the LGD F200, was designed as a plug-and-play version, which kept integration costs down. In particular, no additional electrical insulation was required on the module. This design concept proved to be successful, so it was also implemented on the LGD Compact.

More demand for very small and lightweight sensor modules

During product development, increased demand emerged for very small and lightweight sensor modules for wearable applications and compact end devices. So the compact standard version of the LGD Compact attracted a lot more interest than the EMC-compliant version.

More flexible cabling facilitates integration and ordering

Previous LGD Compact modules had a very rigid cable solution in both the standard and EMC-compliant versions. The limited cable radius was cumbersome in many applications and needed more space.


For the new generation of LGD Compacts, the EMC-compliant version comes with a much more flexible cable. Angled plugs with different versions are therefore no longer required. This also makes ordering easier because the EMC-compliant version is limited to one cable type.

The LGD Compact basic version is also fitted with a new 20 cm short ribbon cable, which the customer can easily cut to the desired length. Installation in confined spaces is therefore even easier. Another benefit for better integration is the 17 mm shorter length of the standard version from 163 to 146 mm. So the LGD Compact from Axetris is the smallest TDLS sensor in its class.

More integration options thanks to a smaller electronic box

The electronic box, delivered with the EMC-compliant version of the LGD Compact, was also improved.


In the new electronic box, both electronic boards are stacked. So the electronic box is now exactly the same height and length as the LGD Compact. Together with the much more flexible cable, there are now many more options for an EMC-compliant integration.

Smaller packaging means lower shipping costs

Not only was the LGD Compact itself redesigned, but also its packaging.


The foam packaging has been replaced with lightweight plastic packaging. This is made of recyclable plastic (PET-G) and, due to its smaller size, saves even more resources. The total size of the cardboard packaging was reduced by half. This also has a positive effect on shipping costs and means savings for the customer.


The optimized model will be available from June 2023.

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Martin Endras
Martin Endras is Sales Manager at Axetris' GAS department and specialist for laser gas detection.