Axetris Achieves Digital Transformation with Camline

Axetris Insight28 May 2024
Axetris has entered into a partnership with Camline, a provider of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), to enhance its manufacturing processes. This collaboration promises increased precision and efficiency in production and represents a significant step towards digital transformation in the semiconductor industry.

Author: Anja Wieder, Corporate Communications Manager, Leister Group; in Cooperation with Camline

Axetris has successfully implemented the InFrame Synapse MES platform, revolutionizing its manufacturing operations from paper-based to digital. With this innovative integration, Axetris now captures data with unparalleled detail, promising heightened precision and quality in production.

Emphasizing Precision

”Precision is of paramount importance to Axetris, as our devices must meet the highest quality and precision standards in markets such as fiber optic transmission”, says Dr. Frank Bose, General Manager of Axetris. Through collaborative efforts with Camline Axetris aims to streamline production processes and deliver innovative, highly precise solutions to its customers.

”Axetris has entrusted us with this MES project, and we are proud to have supported them in digitalizing their manufacturing processes”, says Frank Bölstler, Sales Director EU/Managing Director of Camline.

The Benefits of Digital Management 

The transition to digital production management has empowered Axetris with seamless access to crucial traceability information, facilitating informed decision-making and process optimization.

”With the introduction of InFrame Synapse, we have now managed our production digitally. Crucial traceability information is now available at the touch of a button”, says Frank Bose. The partnership with Camline has yielded tangible improvements in yield and cycle time reduction.

New standards of precision and innovation 

Axetris' partnership with Camline reflects its proactive commitment to lead digital transformation efforts in semiconductor manufacturing. With a focus on addressing future challenges in advanced quality assurance, Axetris is poised to navigate the evolving semiconductor landscape with agility and innovation.

Through digitalization and strategic partnerships, Axetris continues to set new standards of precision and innovation, reaffirming its position as a leader in the semiconductor industry.