Leister promotes training: Tent Assembly Specialists

Leister Insight2 Jul 2024
The cooperation between the Fulda Vocational Training Center (BBZ), the Fulda Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and Industrieverband Technische Textilien-Rollladen-Sonnenschutz e.V. (Technical Textiles, Roller Shutters, Sun Protection Industry Association - ITRS) paves the way for the introduction of the IHK certificate course “Tent Assembly Specialist,” a pioneering initiative for training new specialists in the tent industry.

Author: Vivian Renaud, Media Production Specialist, Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH

As part of this cooperation, the IHK certificate course “IHK tent assembly specialist,” unique in Germany, has been developed to train qualified employees.

The course offers comprehensive basic knowledge so that even those changing careers are well prepared for their future work. Theory as well as practical knowledge and skills were taught, with a focus on basics such as tent shapes, materials and assembly. The basics of electrical hand tools were also covered.

Great enthusiasm for Leister welding course

To cover this part of the training, Leister held a welding course at the BBZ Fulda.

The course was held in March 2024 and was an important milestone in the five-week training program. The purpose of the course was to train specialists to repair and assemble tents professionally in order to meet the needs of the tent industry.

With a mixture of theory and practical skills, the course covered a variety of repair techniques, including patch welding, pipe welding and seam welding –all carried out using Leister’s industry-leading welding technology.

Learning in a relaxed atmosphere

The seven course participants, ranging from managing directors to apprentices, were delighted with the friendly, fun atmosphere of the course. Stefan Müller, Managing Director of ZVG Zeltverleih Ochsenfurt and a long-standing Leister customer, actively took part in the course and spoke positively about his experience. As an established company with over 50 years of experience in tent hire and its own saddlery for tarpaulin repair, Müller appreciates the long-standing partnership with Leister and emphasized his company’s satisfaction with Leister products.

Müller praised the comprehensive coverage of the training and the practical experience that helped participants put what they had learned directly into practice.

“I was very happy with the course because it was an ideal mix of theory and practice. I was able to learn many new things and put them into practice straight away,” explains Müller. Despite the positive feedback, suggestions for improvement to make the course even more effective were made.

The successful running of the course underlines the commitment and cooperation between educational institutions, industry associations and companies to promote the training of new tent industry specialists. Due to the positive feedback and high demand, BBZ Fulda is planning to offer the course again in the fall.