Hot and Energy-Efficient: Air Heater LHS 210/410 HT

Product Stories11 Sept 2023
Leister's range of air and tubular air heaters of the LHS 210 and LHS 410 series was expanded in September 2023 to include HT versions. In this blog post, find out exactly what HT means and why you can save energy and costs with hot air recycling in your industrial process.

Author: Chantal Manella, Promotion Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

What does HT mean and where are Leister’s high-temperature air heaters used?

HT stands for “high temperature” and means that these air heaters reach an impressive maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C/1652 °F. You wonder which applications require such high temperatures? In fact, they are more common than you might think.

  • Glass industry: our HT air heaters are perfect for tempering (increasing the strength) of glass – a process that requires high temperatures.
  • Activation of plastic surfaces: the high temperatures enable plastic surfaces to be activated effectively. For example, to make surfaces printable.
  • Exhaust gas post-treatment: Our devices also play an important role in test procedures for exhaust gas post-treatment, for example to regenerate soot particle filter systems.

And these are just a few examples of the countless potential applications where temperatures above 650 °C are required.

Save energy with R variants

Our HT air heaters are also available in the R version, where the “R” stands for recirculation. You save up to 70 % energy in industrial hot air processes with these models by recirculating the hot exhaust air. The smaller the temperature difference between inlet and process temperature, the greater the savings. These energy-efficient solutions are in particular demand among machine operators, designers and engineers around the world. And with good reason, because the investments pay off over a shorter time, both when designing a new industrial plant and when converting an existing machine.

Available soon on the Leister website: white paper on the topic of “Saving 70 % on energy costs with hot air recirculation – is it possible?”

The advantages of the LHS 210 HT and LHS 410 HT air heater series at a glance

  • maximum air outlet temperature of 900 °C/1652 °F
  • easy integration
  • low space requirements
  • easy connection to power supply
  • SF variants: compatible with many Leister nozzles thanks to single flange
  • DF variants: suitable for installation in pipe systems due to double flange
  • R variants: recirculating, efficient, save energy and costs through hot-air recycling, perfectly suited to hot-air recycling in combination with the CHINOOK blower

With all these benefits, our new HT air heaters offer versatile applications in industrial processes. Learn more about these innovative products and how they can help your company. Our specialists in the Process Heat business line will be happy to advise you.