Transparent PVC Films Perfectly Welded with Leister

Product Stories12 Oct 2023
You have various options if you want to weld transparent PVC films of tents, roll-up doors, truck tarpaulins, etc. This blog article will tell you which technologies and products will yield the best results.

Author: Daniel Schmid, Head of Business Line TEX, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

Transparent PVC films and membranes are widely used for sunblinds, tents, truck covers, rolling doors, curtains and pergolas. These are often welded using high-frequency technology. Although this works, it comes with significant disadvantages: high-frequency welding is slow and leaves unsightly marks on the weld seams.

Leister Welding Machines for Almost Invisible Welding Seams and Infinite Design Possibilities

Achieve better results with hot air and low-voltage hot wedge technology, where Leister has been a leader for decades. Increase the processing efficiency and aesthetics of your welding seams with innovative welding machines from Leister. Whether you are welding with UNIPLAN 500, VARIANT T1, SEAMTEK 900 AT, or SEAMTEK W-900 AT, with crystal-clear PVC films you will achieve almost invisible welding seams with infinite design possibilities

SEAMTEK W-900 AT on Video

In the tutorial video, you will see how the SEAMTEK W-900 AT achieves the best quality welds with transparent PVC membranes.

Less Energy Consumption and Lower Operating Costs

Another advantage is the comparatively low operating costs. To calculate the return on investment, it is best to contact your local Leister sales partner right away. We will also be happy to advise you on the choice of film and, if desired, carry out test welds for you.