Precise Plastic Welding: PENWELD A/S from Leister

Product Stories30 Jan 2024
In January 2024, Leister launched the PENWELD A and PENWELD S hot air welders. Much to the delight of all equipment and container builders, because the handy devices are perfectly suited for precise work on plastic tanks and similar items. Why? Read about it in this blog post.

Author: Chantal Manella, Promotion Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

Picture working in a plastic tank and welding with a small, handy and super flexible heat gun. The welding zone is perfectly well lit, you can access even the smallest corner and the welding temperature remains constant. Sounds too good to be true? Then we have some good news for you. The two new PENWELD S and PENWELD A plastic welders from Leister make all of this a reality for you.

PENWELD A: Advanced illuminates the darkness


The PENWELD A (for Advanced) has a ring-shaped work light directly integrated into the handle. The warm white LED work light, which is very gentle on the eyes, ensures ideal illumination for the welding zone. This is particularly suitable for prolonged welding work that requires a high level of concentration.


Easy-to-use polygon handle

Thanks to the ergonomic design of the polygon handle, the PENWELD A sits comfortably and firmly in your hand when working. This helps in particular with guiding the device – and looks cool too 😎.


Air hose that glides over edges like a snake

Allow us to say a few words about the air hose with integrated power supply. The surface of the air hose is reminiscent of snakeskin and is extremely slippery. This means you can pull the hose over any edge without resistance when welding. And the 310-degree rotatable connection offers unprecedented mobility during draw welding.


Easy operation via the display

What else? Very important: The intuitive menu navigation via the display makes operating the PENWELD A child’s play. The current actual and target values are always in view on the clear display during use. Another plus for you: Due to the electronic control of the forced air welder, the temperature remains constant, which offers you a high level of process safety.

Click the play button now to see PENWELD A in action.

PENWELD S: Standard impresses with its robustness in harsh everyday industrial life


The PENWELD S (for Standard) has an impressively compact design. Robust and simply built, the solid, forced-air-driven PENWELD S is ideally suited for you as a tank and container manufacturer for continuous plastic welding. As with the PENWELD A, the PENWELD S has a powerful and durable heating element. All of this makes it the perfect hand tool for high-speed hot gas welding of intricate plastic tanks, air washers, plastic boats, pump shafts, plastic pipes, and much more.

By the way: the PENWELD S can be operated either with plug-in nozzles or with high-quality Leister screw-on nozzles.

Precise temperature setting with recessed knob

Although the PENWELD S does not have a display, the temperature setting knob embedded in the handle allows very precise temperature setting. It also prevents unintentional adjustment, which in turn increases your process safety. As usual with Leister, the electronic components are specially encased, thus offering excellent protection against moisture and contamination.

Sturdy air hose for harsh industrial conditions

Is there anything else that sets the PENWELD S apart from its big brother, the PENWELD A? Yes, namely the air hose (with integrated power cable). This is particularly sturdy in the S version, with its durable design for harsh industrial environments. As with the PENWELD A, the air hose of the PENWELD S also has a 310 degree rotatable connection, allowing you to flexibly guide the unit while welding.

Applications of the Leister PENWELD A and PENWELD S hot air tools

  • Plastic tank fabrication
  • Aquaculture construction and repair
  • Boat construction and repair
  • All types of plastic repairs
  • Sealing of reservoirs and canals

Good to know

The PENWELD A and the PENWELD S are available from Leister in different variants for specific applications: Air hose (3 m and 8 m), power level (1000 W and 1550 W), nozzle connection with thread M14 or plug-in connection. For individual needs, both forced-air plastic welding units can be operated with different Leister air sources such as compressors and blowers.

Questions? Please contact us.

Do you have any questions about the two new welding devices or would you like personal advice on draw welding in apparatus and container construction? Our expert Reto Britschgi or our colleagues at a sales center near you will be happy to help.