Weld Roof Membranes Reliably: VARIMAT 700

Product Stories24 Jan 2024
Hello roofers. Now it's here - the VARIMAT 700 automatic roof welder with LQS for reliable thermoplastic roof membrane welding. It has many advantages. What are they? Find out in this blog post.

Author: Chantal Manella, Promotion Specialist, Leister Technologies AG, Switzerland

First, let's talk about how the VARIMAT 700 is delivered. It comes in a sturdy rolling transport case with extra-large wheels and a telescopic handle, similar to luggage. Yes, you heard right. Just as you would take your "luggage" to the airport, you can conveniently roll the 37 kg VARIMAT 700 in its case to the desired location on the construction site. This is ergonomic and will certainly please all roofers. Vacation feeling included ;-).


Ever wonder why the VARIMAT 700 weighs 37 kg? There is a good reason for this. Thanks to the optimized placement of its integrated internal weight, you achieve greater contact pressure and constant process reliability when welding all membrane types. By the way: If required, simply add an additional weight (3 kg) for increased welding pressure.


Balanced - What does that Mean?

Our engineers have devised a balanced triangular design (wheels/transport axle) for the VARIMAT 700. As a result, the roof welding machine provides stable handling and tracks straight. To increase versatility, it also has an adjustable rear transport axis that can be easily retracted when welding against a wall, for example. 


Flexible Voltage Selection

Our customers work with different voltages. With the VARIMAT 700, you are absolutely flexible in this respect. You can choose between 230 V and 400 V and simply change over at any time.

Hello Pool Builder

So far, we have only discussed using the VARIMAT 700 on the roof. But there is another area of application that require a little deeper "dive". The VARIMAT 700 is also ideal for welding membranes in swimming pool construction. And that's not all. Even truck tarpaulins and advertising banners can be conveniently welded with the automatic welding machine.

Leister Quality System LQS Roofing

The VARIMAT 700 automatic welder is equipped with the proven Leister Quality System - LQS Roofing. This allows you to create quality documentation of the completed welds based on the GPS coordinates, saved and shared via the myLeister app. Thanks to the device's power management, even with undervoltage of up to 20 %, you can still achieve required set welding temperatures. As soon as the undervoltage is greater than 20 %, the VARIMAT 700 switches off automatically, as the set welding parameters can no longer be maintained, and the welding quality may no longer be guaranteed. To help you set the right welding parameters quickly, Leister offers the ability to create custom welding profiles as well as a "library" of tried-and-tested welding recipes in the myLeister app.

VARIMAT 700: The Best at a Glance

  • Optimized welding performance due to high contact pressure
  • Swivel-in mechanism for quick and efficient nozzle insertion
  • Visual and audible alarm when leaving the welding window thanks to the Monitored Welding Assistant
  • Flexible voltage selection between 230 and 400 V
  • Removable weights for easier transportation
  • Triangular design ensures directional stability
  • Sturdy rolling transport case for perfect device protection and ergonomic transportation
  • LQS (Leister Quality System) for quality reporting
  • Proven welding recipes
  • High welding speed
  • LED light

And the good news at the end. Here you can see the VARIMAT 700 in action.


Good to know: The VARIMAT 700 is available in two other versions (VARIMAT 500 and VARIMAT 300). Would you like to find out more about these two welding machines? Then visit our product pages:



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