Leister products for the transportation industry

Success Stories19 Jun 2024
With higher demand for parcel deliveries and growing environmental awareness, the issue of sustainability in the logistics sector is increasingly under focus. In this blog post, find out which innovative solutions Leister products are involved in.

Author: Vivian Renaud, Media Production Specialist, Leister Technologies Deutschland GmbH

For over 30 years, Sommer GmbH has been known as a leading manufacturer of bodies and conversions for delivery vehicles, courier, express, and parcel services. This offers its customers practical solutions with first-class manufacturing quality.

WELDPLAST and FUSION in action

Sommer GmbH has been working closely with Leister for several years to push innovative solutions in the transportation sector. The company relies on high-quality welding machines from Leister, of which 20 WELDPLAST S2 machines and two FUSION 1 machines are currently in use at the company’s production site.

Sommer GmbH’s role as market leader in the field of ultra-lightweight construction for semi-trailers for parcel transportation vehicles deserves special mention. The company is also planning to purchase Leister extruders for future projects, which demonstrates Sommer GmbH’s trust in the reliability and efficiency of Leister technologies. The welding machines from Leister are of critical importance for production, as they enable the manufacture of high-quality products that meet customers’ high demands.

Stable honeycomb structure thanks to Leister products

The trailers of transportation vehicles are manufactured in a special type of construction known as honeycomb. A honeycomb structure is an architectural form based on a regular pattern of hexagonal cells, similar to that of a beehive. This structure is characterized by high mechanical strength and low weight. A honeycomb structure thus offers the optimum combination of stability and lightness, making it particularly suitable for applications where high mechanical strength and minimal mass is required.

In the production of the honeycomb structure, films are applied to plastic to ensure a stable yet lightweight construction. To ensure that watertight construction, the edges of the trailer must be welded precisely and reliably. This is where the extruders from Leister come into action. With their precise control and efficient heat transfer, they enable reliable panel edge welding to ensure a watertight seal. Using the Leister extruder and welding rod, the edges of the trailer are welded together to form a stable connection. This welding technique not only guarantees a high level of mechanical strength of the structure, but also an even distribution of loads, which guarantees the durability and safety of the entire trailer body.

High payload, low emissions

An important component is the weight optimization of transportation and service vehicles in order to reduce environmental impact and increase efficiency at the same time. In the transportation and service sector, a high vehicle payload is crucial to achieve efficient use of the limited storage space. By reducing the weight of transportation vehicles, companies can transport more cargo, leading to a reduction in emissions and a more sustainable use of resources.

The partnership between Leister and Sommer GmbH is an example of successful collaboration between two companies both committed to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. Both companies are committed to working together to push innovative solutions in the transportation sector and help shape the future of the industry.