TRIAC ST Shapes Floorball Sticks

Success Stories27 May 2024
What does a heat gun from Leister have to do with floorball? To unravel this mystery, we take a look at the popular sport of floorball and reveal the tricks used by the professional players of the Ad Astra Obwalden floorball club to optimize their sticks.

Author: Anja Wieder, Corporate Communication Manager, Leister Group

Floorball is a team sport from the stickball family, where everything revolves around shooting a small, perforated plastic ball into the opponent’s goal using special floorball sticks.

Copyright: Ad Astra Obwalden

The 35-year-old Swede Jakob Arvidsson, former top floorball player at the Ad Astra club, has taken over the position of player/coach at Ad Astra for the 2023/24 season. Arvidsson describes himself as a “floorball maniac in a positive sense” and as an experienced player knows exactly what matters: a perfectly coordinated, strong player formation and well-adapted equipment.


Hot Air for the Blades

The floorball players use floorball sticks with large blades for their training sessions and matches. And these blades are what it’s all about. Every player has his own special technique when playing.

To ensure that the floorball sticks fit perfectly, the plastic blades are heated and molded into the desired shape. This means that every player can customize his floorball stick to his individual needs.

Professional Tools for more than just the Construction Site

And this is where Leister comes in – recently, the floorball club Ad Astra from Sarnen started using the TRIAC ST heat guns to mold the blades of their sticks. In order to flexibly bend the blades of the floorball sticks, a temperature of 150 to 200 degrees Celsius (302 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit) is required. This is child’s play for the tried and tested Leister TRIAC ST with its ergonomic handle, optimized center of gravity, and very robust new motor.

This shows that the TRIAC ST heat gun from Leister is not only the professional tool for plastic welding on the construction site – the device can also impress in other areas of application thanks to its outstanding features. The extensive range of accessories with over 80 attachment nozzles practically make this heat gun a universal device.

The Ad Astra floorball team and all the junior players are delighted with TRIAC: “We sometimes sat there for ages with a hairdryer or cheap hot air tool to work on the blades. Time we don’t have before an important game,” says Arvidsson.

Start of the Season with the TRIAC ST

The new 2024/25 season starts in autumn and Ad Astra’s targets are ambitious. Peter Klapita, assistant trainer at Ad Astra and purchaser at Leister AG, says: “Leister’s motto is ‘Together we are strong,’ and that’s exactly the motto at our floorball club. We will start building a team for the new season in the summer and only then can we talk about our targets. Some players from last season need to be replaced by younger guys and we need fresh Swedish blood to strengthen our roster.” So we hope to be back at the top of the league before the play-offs.

Copyright: Ad Astra Obwalden

The Leister Group wishes Ad Astra – the largest sports club in Obwalden – every success for the new season.