We care for our environment and take responsibility for our living space.

Our entrepreneurial mindset is geared towards sustainability and the preservation of our environment. We are actively exerting influence with various measures that will have a positive long-term impact, both on our products and our operational infrastructure. Devices with a long service life and the use of renewable energies are our primary focus.

Use of Renewable Energies

The company buildings at the Obwalden site in Switzerland are designed to be climate-friendly and are operated using the appropriate energy technology. In 1998 we installed a solar wall on the high-bay warehouse and a groundwater heating pump in the new Sarnen building. A photovoltaic system was also installed on the south facade of the building.


Following the 2019 extension, we have continued operating in an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient manner: Expansion of the groundwater heating pump and installation of a photovoltaic system on the south facade and on the roof. With this construction concept in accordance, along with the Minergie standard, 90 percent of the energy required comes renewable energies. Local electricity is produced via hydropower in the Canton of Obwalden and contributes greatly to our CO2 savings.

Our environmentally conscious actions include the two buildings at the Kägiswil site, which are operated with an air-source heat pump and a woodchip compound heating system.

Innovation for Sustainability

Leister products with a long life cycle, guaranteed spare parts supply and worldwide repair service are designed to be sustainable per se. With innovations, new materials and technologies, as well as concepts for recycling, our equipment and machines are constantly being optimized for energy consumption, without any loss of performance.


Together with our customers, we have developed applications in which Leister technologies replaces existing applications in an environmentally and climate-friendly manner. Our products promote recycling applications, saving valuable resources and improving groundwater protection and air quality.

For example, gas sensors from Axetris measure CO2 emissions in chimneys to provide better control and ensure that no harmful emissions are released into the air.