Swiss Companies


Leister AG in Kaegiswil, Canton Obwalden, Switzerland is the holding company and headquarters of the Leister Group, controlling the worldwide business activities from here.

The Axetris and Leister competence centers for development, production and logistics are located in the immediate vicinity of the group headquarters. In Axetris' clean room, high-precision micro-optical elements and MEMS-based components for gas sensors are manufactured under strictly controlled environmental conditions. This is how our intelligent process was built up over decades to meet a modern production infrastructure. The Leister production and assembly lines are characterized by a high degree of automation, lean processes (lean management) and an integrated, fully automated high-bay warehouse. This enables us to meet the high quality demands of our customers day after day.

Leister Technologies AG


Leister Technologies AG develops and produces all modules, devices, machines, spare parts and accessories at its site in Obwalden, Switzerland. From here, exports are made to the logistics hubs of our national companies and to our distribution partners all over the world.


For more than 70 years Leister has been the global market and technology leader of equipment and machines that weld thermoplastics in various applications. Since 1967 Leister Technologies has been the market leader around the globe with hot air modules and blowers for industrial process heat. The product portfolio was expanded in 2018 with powerful infrared heating systems.

Axetris AG


The headquarters of Axetris AG, as well as the development and production, is also located in Kaegiswil, Canton Obwalden, Switzerland.


The necessary infrastructure with clean rooms, as well as inspection- and test laboratories, is geared to the sophisticated production of micro-technology components. Axetris has been engaged in the development and production of gas sensor modules and systems, as well as micro-optical components since 1998, and is a leader in specific applications.